Predict. Prevent.  Sustain.

The HD Falls Program™ is a total falls management solution made up of three evidence based components proven to:

  • Predict: Hester Davis Fall Risk Assessment Scale™
  • Prevent: HD Falls Care Plan™
  • Sustain: HD Falls Tool Kit™
hd falls program

The HD Falls Care Plan adjusts based on patient’s real time condition.

Hester Davis Fall Risk Assessment Scale™
Evaluates patients on a number of criteria generating a truly individualized care plan based specific risk factors.

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HD Falls Care Plan™ 
Traditional models treat all patients the same regardless of risk factors – and the approach rarely changes during the patient’s stay.

The HD Falls Care Plan is mapped to specific interventions based on risk factors identified in the HDS.  The individualized care plan adjusts based on patient’s real time condition often eliminating costly measures like patient sitters while also improving efficiency, safety and a better experience for the patient.

HD Falls Tool Kit™
The Tool Kit provides training and education, nurse competency, audit and compliance tools. Reports include quality and performance improvement tools and templates for JC & CMS documentation and compliance.

With a comprehensive, individualized falls management program, providers will have the tools needed to address the significant and growing costs associated with falls.