One of HD Nursing’s core values that has guided our leadership team since our inception is the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to advance our mission in keeping hospital patients safe from harm.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion make us stronger and are essential to our pursuit of excellence as a leader in patient safety. Respecting each other’s life experiences and honoring each other’s differences are at the core of every action we take in patient care, training, teaching, research, and the communities we serve.

Over the past eight years, we have advanced a research enterprise that effectively engages hugely diverse provider and patient populations.

We have developed a scientifically validated system that seeks to eliminate health disparities in the deployment of our care plans.

Our leadership and operational team reflect the diversity of our customers, their patients and communities. HD Nursing was founded by two extremely talented women and is led by Dr. Amy Hester who is our Chairperson of the Board.

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