Aspirus is a multi-hospital system providing tertiary care and rehabilitation to a variety of patient populations.

After implementing HD Nursing solutions, Aspirus was able to provide safer patient care with NO falls in 14 straight months.

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Aspirus went live with the HD Falls Program in 2016 but did not initially include HD Sustainability Tools and Services. After reducing falls by 49% and falls related injuries by 72% in the first full year with the HD Program, results started to slip back.

Many factors can lead to a regression of improved outcomes in a healthsystem: staff turnover, new leadership, changes in patient census and acuities, all provide challenges to sustaining the gains.

Aspirus realized they needed a systemwide solution to sustain the gains realized in the first year of the HD Falls Program and decided to contract with HD for its Sustainability Tools & Services.

This shift helped Ontonagon Hospital achieve zero falls for over a year and counting (March 2019 – May 15, 2020).