Organizational Excellence
SSM Health

Outstanding Leadership
Beth Pfeiffer-Arens, SSM Health
Krista Lopes, Sutter Health

Clinical Effectiveness
Jason deVera
Sandeep Rehal
Lori Jaramillo
Doni Masongsong
Angie Filipiak
Joseph Pilger
Angee Brewer
Glenda Gregory

Excellence in Education
Terry Lehman
Tracy Chu
Keri Gerkin
CJ Newton

Driving Quality
Stella Kientz
Andrea Harrison

Building IT
Nabeel Mahfooz
Tristyn Buck
Michael Yamada

The award for Organizational Excellence is chosen based on demonstration of the following:

  1. Organization demonstrates a strong culture of safety.
  2. Key leadership populated with servant leaders.
  3. Organization embraces the science of the HD Nursing Program.
  4. Fall rates demonstrate a commitment to the Predict/Prevent/Sustain phases of the HD Nursing Falls Program.
  5. Organization develops new leaders and supports individual nursing growth through the HD Nursing Program.

The award for Outstanding Leadership is given to a person who (1) demonstrates strong leadership in the face of change and adversity (2) propels evidence based patient care and clinical quality regardless of current barriers (3) demonstrates an ability to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders; particularly IT and clinical operations (4) maintains strong communication between HD Nursing and the core stakeholders at the client facility.

The award for Clinical Effectiveness is based on (1) leading change at the bedside (2) influencing clinician/peer behavior (3) identifying compliance gaps during post-implementation (4) holding clinicians accountable to evidence based practice using motivational tools and techniques (5) demonstrating ingenuity and innovation as new challenges or barriers arise that affect sustainability.

The award for Excellence in Education is given to nurse educators who (1) facilitate transfer of knowledge to staff in a complex and dynamic environment (2) continuously scan the organizational environment for gaps in understanding (3) close gaps by offering educational interventions and defining new processes to ensure the HD Nursing Program is woven into the culture of the facility (4) ensure staff have the educational tools needed to succeed at every level (staff RN, PRN, float, across units, onboarding, annual competency, program changes) (5) create inventive ways to motivate/incentivize staff to reach their greatest educational potential as a contributor to the culture of safety.

Driving Quality is awarded to nurses who (1) facilitates achievement of improved fall and injury rates beginning with implementation and moving to ongoing sustainability (2) serves as a site lead for data quality and control (3) facilitates organizational infrastructure to support ongoing improvements (4) facilitates the efficient collection of data and reporting strategies (5) maintains a consistent sense of urgency for falls and injury reduction over time.

The Builder Award is given to an IT Project/Analyst Lead that (1) builds the HD Nursing Program in their organization’s E.H.R. using efficient workflows that meet the needs of clinical operations (2) Exhibits strong communication skills to collaboratively operationalize the HD Nursing Program in an E.H.R. (3) identifies innovative solutions to solve new or existing challenges (4) Offers support to colleagues across the HD Nursing Collaborative (5) demonstrates informatics best practices throughout implementation

Milestone Awards