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2019 AONE SSM Health Poster

See how implementing The Hester Davis Falls Program™ saved SSM Health over $5 million dollars and falls related injuries by 75%.

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HealthLeaders Media

Published article about SSM Health’s success in reducing falls with the The Hester Davis Falls Program™.

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Aspirus Press Release And Success Story

Learn how partnering with HD Nursing helped Aspirius providing safer patient care with NO falls in 14 straight months.

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hd falls prevention poster

Application of Health Literacy Best Practices to Engage Patients and Families in Preventing Falls.

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HD Emergency Department Falls Program

Multisite, Prospective Validation of the eHDS for Predicting Emergency Department Falls.

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Reducing Falls In The Home

Using the HD Nursing Falls Prevention Program to reduce falls and injury rates at home.

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Published HD Nursing Articles Include:

Urban, K., Wright, P., Hester, A., Curran, Geoffrey., Rojo, M., Tsai, P., (2020) Evaluation Of An Education Strategy versus Usual Care to Implement the STEADI Algorithm in Primary Care Clinics in an Academic Medical Center

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