Dr. Amy Hester and Dr. Patricia Quigley of HD Nursing, a leading provider of patient safety solutions, will present via webinar their observations and guidance on falls prevention in the acute care COVID-19 patient population.

The webinar, which is open to the public, will examine various fall safety practices for the COVID-19 population and units caring for these patients. These practices include observed barriers to fall prevention; demonstrated solutions for helping to address these barriers; observed improvements in practice due to responding to local needs and logistics of patient care; downstream effects of these changes in practice based on preliminary indications; and HD Nursing’s suggestions for future practice as the leadership team continues to iterate care as activities evolve.

The webinar will take place at noon CDT on Friday, July 24, 2020.

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preventing falls in acute care covid-19 patients

Read the official press release to learn more about this webinar and HD Nursing.