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Organizational Excellence
SSM Health

Outstanding Leadership
Beth Pfeiffer-Arens, SSM Health
Krista Lopes, Sutter Health

Clinical Effectiveness
Jason deVera
Sandeep Rehal
Lori Jaramillo
Doni Masongsong
Angie Filipiak
Joseph Pilger
Angee Brewer
Glenda Gregory

Excellence in Education
Terry Lehman
Tracy Chu
Keri Gerkin
CJ Newton

Driving Quality
Stella Kientz
Andrea Harrison

Building IT
Nabeel Mahfooz
Tristyn Buck
Michael Yamada

The award for Organizational Excellence is chosen based on demonstration of the following:

  1. Organization demonstrates a strong culture of safety.
  2. Key leadership populated with servant leaders.
  3. Organization embraces the science of the HD Nursing Program.
  4. Fall rates demonstrate a commitment to the Predict/Prevent/Sustain phases of the HD Nursing Falls Program.
  5. Organization develops new leaders and supports individual nursing growth through the HD Nursing Program.

The award for Outstanding Leadership is given to a person who (1) demonstrates strong leadership in the face of change and adversity (2) propels evidence based patient care and clinical quality regardless of current barriers (3) demonstrates an ability to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders; particularly IT and clinical operations (4) maintains strong communication between HD Nursing and the core stakeholders at the client facility.

The award for Clinical Effectiveness is based on (1) leading change at the bedside (2) influencing clinician/peer behavior (3) identifying compliance gaps during post-implementation (4) holding clinicians accountable to evidence based practice using motivational tools and techniques (5) demonstrating ingenuity and innovation as new challenges or barriers arise that affect sustainability.

The award for Excellence in Education is given to nurse educators who (1) facilitate transfer of knowledge to staff in a complex and dynamic environment (2) continuously scan the organizational environment for gaps in understanding (3) close gaps by offering educational interventions and defining new processes to ensure the HD Nursing Program is woven into the culture of the facility (4) ensure staff have the educational tools needed to succeed at every level (staff RN, PRN, float, across units, onboarding, annual competency, program changes) (5) create inventive ways to motivate/incentivize staff to reach their greatest educational potential as a contributor to the culture of safety.

Driving Quality is awarded to nurses who (1) facilitates achievement of improved fall and injury rates beginning with implementation and moving to ongoing sustainability (2) serves as a site lead for data quality and control (3) facilitates organizational infrastructure to support ongoing improvements (4) facilitates the efficient collection of data and reporting strategies (5) maintains a consistent sense of urgency for falls and injury reduction over time.

The Builder Award is given to an IT Project/Analyst Lead that (1) builds the HD Nursing Program in their organization’s E.H.R. using efficient workflows that meet the needs of clinical operations (2) Exhibits strong communication skills to collaboratively operationalize the HD Nursing Program in an E.H.R. (3) identifies innovative solutions to solve new or existing challenges (4) Offers support to colleagues across the HD Nursing Collaborative (5) demonstrates informatics best practices throughout implementation


Milestone Awards

Congratulations to SSM Health for achieving their LOWEST FALL RATES EVER! ssm-health-logo


Digg Magazine’s provocative report “How to Fall to Your Death and Live to Tell the Tale” takes falls into the mainstream


Falls Champion Spotlight – SSM Nurse Demonstrates Injury Prevention


Where does your state rank in Falls?

Dr. Hester found an interesting link where you can search by your state to see various health outcome rankings. One of interest to us is the state ranking for Falls. Click the link below to and search in your state.

Click here to see your state’s rank for various health outcomes.

Reminder: Falls Prevention in the ICU and Procedural Areas

FREE HD Nursing Webinar this Wednesday, April 12 from 1330-1400 central time.
Registration ends at noon central on the day of the webinar.

To register:

5 South winners
webinar graphic q2 2017

Hester and Davis

Dr. Hester is flanked by SSM St. Clare RN Team Leads Angie F. and Joe P. Co-workers lovingly refer to them as “Hester” and “Davis” for their role in HD Nursing implementation.

The HD Nursing clinical team traveled to Saint Louis, Missouri to visit several SSM Health hospitals at the end of January. Witnessing the HD Nursing program in motion always proves fun for our team. The cherry on top of this trip was meeting the dynamic staff responsible for moving the program pieces into their daily operation. These falls champions rely on the science we provide to keep patients safe.  Look for a link to in the February newsletter to the “Egg vs. Floor Mat” video they created.


2Conway Regional Medical Center – Defying Gravity with HD Nursing

CRMC implemented the HD Nursing Program over the summer and they are already posting strong fall rates. In fact, many of their units are having completely falls free months. You can see the excitement this has generated in the images shared with HD Nursing of staff holding their fall safety crosses. Fall safety crosses are a communication tool the nurses use to track falls each month. A red square represents a day with a fall and a green square is one without a fall.


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SSM Health Accomplishes Major Implementation
Congratulations to SSM Health for their recent 11 hospital implementation of the HD Nursing Falls Prevention Program. Eight additional hospitals are slated for implementation of the program in 2017. Kudos to this extraordinary health system, their leadership and bedside nurses for such dedication to prevention of falls and falls with injury. Special thanks to Beth Pfeiffer-Arens for tremendous project management support across this large organizational change.

Fall Leads to Icon’s Passing
Leonard Cohen’s death was likely due to injuries sustained from a fall. Dr. Faust’s story in Slate Magazine today demonstrates exactly why HD Nursing is in the business of falls prevention. Read the full article.


National Fall Prevention Day

National Fall Prevention Day

September 19, 2016

Mark your calendar for September 28 from 1:00 to 2:30 (central time). Dr. Amy Hester and Dr. Pat Quigley join forces during Fall Prevention Month in September to present an informative webinar on falls prevention. Click the image below to open the Posey Clinical Education site for registration information.


August 30, 2016

ajnHD Nursing is proud to share that Dr. Amy Hester was published in the September issue of the American Journal of Nursing. This publication of original research, “Predicting Injurious Falls in the Hospital Setting: Implications for Practice” contributes new research to falls prevention. Additionally, this article is a continuing education opportunity.

To access the article, click here.




August 26, 2016
The Journal of Safety Research published article in May on the direct cost of falls. To access the article, click here:


August 16, 2016

Dr. Amy Hester and Dr. Pat Quigley join forces in September to present two informative webinars on falls prevention. Click the image below to register for this FREE continuing education hosted by Posey. The first webinar is September 6, 2016 from 1:00-2:30 CDT.


March 15, 2016

hd nursing falls program

Happy National Patient Safety Week from HD Nursing. Below are links to the Free from Harm report from the National Patient Safety Foundation including an Executive Summary.

We sincerely thank our clients for partnering with HD Nursing to keep your patients safe from falls and injuries. Need info on how we can partner with you? Contact us at

March 2, 2016

HD Nursing Press Release –  Dr. Patricia Quigley has been named Advisor and Chairperson of the HD Nursing Clinical Advisory Committee

February 23, 2015

University of Mississippi Medical Center – Patient Falls, First Predict Then Prevent

June 9, 2015

hester davis falls

Download Article

Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine – Mississippi Academic Medical Center Tackles Patient Falls

Saddled with a fall rate above the national average in one inpatient unit — at 6.2 per 1,000 patient days — UMMC was able to dramatically reduce that number within a few months by the end of last year. Read full story

October 3, 2015

Innovate Arkansas – Innovate Arkansas client firm HD Nursing will be the subject of Arkansas Business’ monthly Innovate feature that’ll run in its Oct. 6 issue out Monday.

October 28, 2014


Click to read article

UAMS Journal – Falls and Frailty:  Finding Who’s at Risk and Keeping Them Safe

Falling is the No. 1 reason for hospitalization of those 65 years old or older. About one third of those over age 65 will fall annually. Half the people over 80 will fall, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Falls are the most common and costly of all adverse events reported in hospitals. In 2010, the number of falls and injuries related to falls at UAMS caught the attention of Amy Hester, R.N., clinical services manager and Dees Davis, R.N., advanced practice partner. Read full story

February 2011

UAMS – Safety in Numbers

uams article


For decades, UAMS was like most other hospitals, taking precautions, offering staff training and monitoring falls. The numbers varied a little month-by-month, but nothing was really working to dramatically decrease the
number of patients who fell while in the hospital.

That is, until January 2010 when Clinical Services Manager Amy Hester, R.N., and Advanced Practice Partner Dees Davis, R.N., implemented the research project they had been working on for nearly a year and a half.  Read full story